Seed money for the establishment of the AAQS Secretariat

The AAQS wishes to extend it's sincere appreciation to the following sponsors who have provided seed money for the appointment of an AAQS Secretariat operating from South Africa. 

Without this initial support the AAQS Secretariat would not have been established
The AAQS Secretariat commenced duties as of 1 July 2011

Contributions R20,000 or above
Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (South Africa)
CEP Limited 
(South Africa)
Norval Wentzel Steinberg 
(South Africa)

Thabo Senyolo and Partners
(South Africa)

Contributions below R20,000
(South Africa)
Consol Associates 
Construction Cost Consultancy 
CQS Services Limited 

Institute of Namibian Quantity Surveyors (Namibia)

Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya 
Jordaan Oosthuysen Nangolo 
Michael Frimpong 
Philip Main Quantity Surveyors 
Quantity Surveying Chapter of the Architectural Association of Kenya (Kenya)
Richard Frankle and Partners 
Tanzania Institute of Quantity Surveyors (Tanzania)
Tile and Carpet Centre Limited