Financial Viability Studies


Other than in South Africa and some adjoining countries, quantity surveyors in Africa and elsewhere in the world are rarely involved in providing financial viability analyses to their clients even though quantity surveyors are uniquely suited to provide this service

In order to provide this service quantity surveyors should understand all aspects of financial viability including inter alia the theory of finance, the time value of money, some knowledge of statistics and should have a sound knowledge of all aspects of property development. Once trained in financial viability a quantity surveyor wishing to provide the service is advised to obtain a suitable software package

Presentation of a Financial Viability Report

Viable Computing, which has commercially available a financial viabilty software program entitled “Viable”, has kindly made available to the AAQS, two examples of financial viability, one for a letting scheme and one for a selling scheme.

Financial Viability Program

Viable Computing, has commercially available a financial viability computer program entitled “Viable”. Go to “Industry Sponsors” under “Sponsors” on the home page menu for more information and a link to Viable Computing’s website

Download selling scheme presentation

Download letting scheme presentation