Pricing Data

Pricing Introduction

The Africa Assocation of Quantity Surveyors is establishing a database of prices in the various countries in Africa where the AAQS have Institution or Practice Members.  This will enable the membership in broad terms to:

  • Understand the differences in building cost in selected  localities in Africa
  • Track the fluctuation in building  cost over time in selected locations in Africa
  • Prepare indicative estimates of building cost in selected locations in Africa

The pricing data published will be obtained from a consensus opinion survey by quantity surveying practices.  The rates (prices) are in most cases representative of more than 85% of the building cost

Profile of Development

The profile of the development for which prices (rates) are obtained is an A-grade four storey office park development with approximately 10,000 m² (gross building area) of offices and 8,000 m² of basement parking on two basement levels.   The buildings have reinforced concrete flat roof slabs

A-grade is defined as being fully air conditioned and with high quality finishes

Rates (Prices)

Rates (prices) are to be current market rates (prices) at the date stated and are to include for the cost of materials, waste, duties, transport, labour, plant and contractor’s overheads and profit and  should exclude any allowance for fluctuation (escalation), preliminaries, contingencies and VAT (or general sales tax)

The pricing levels are for contractors who are capable of erecting a building of this size in a reasonable time whilst adhering to international quality

Information on preliminaries are called for separately

AECOM Africa PCC Cost Guide

AECOM Africa PCC Cost Guide 20202021

AAQS Pricing Data Questionnaire

Download and complete the Pricing Data Input Form and email to: