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What is AAQS Online Learning all about?

A series of professionally-focussed study units have been compiled by senior academics of African Universities, together with assistance of Experienced Practitioners as an online resource for all Quantity Surveyor’s that are interested in increasing their knowledge/skills in subjects related to the practice of quantity surveying with specific emphasis on the African experience. These are available either as individual modules, or as part of a series of modules structured as certificate programmes.

How does it work and how can you participate?

Who should be involved in this initiative?

Anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge/skills base in QS related subjects generally, or those wishing to acquire a widely accepted acknowledgement of their abilities for use in the workplace. In the latter circumstance, this may be achieved through an accredited examination process, leading to the award of formal AAQS certificates of competency. The programme has been designed to cover material and practices commonly applied within African countries.

How does it work and how can you participate?

Study material is lodged on a dedicated learning management system (Moodle Cloud). Learners access the system by registering online for the modules. Modules are run consecutively on an annual timetable, each one over a period of approximately 10 weeks.

During each module, learners may elect to write an examination (necessary if the student is seeking certification), or alternatively engage with any of the other succeeding modules available, for personal self enhancement.

Those wishing to be granted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recognition are required to register on the certification route.

Learners that successfully complete the prescribed set of modules at a particular Level will be presented with an official AAQS certificate as proof of their demonstrated competency.

Programme Overview

Overview of certificate structure

The programme is comprised of 15 modules – 5 each in Level described as Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Each level leads to the potential award of an official AAQS Certificate.

The Professional Ethics module is the compulsory entry module for all learners. Those considering the certification route are required to successfully complete all modules offered within a particular Level.

Learners may only graduate onto the succeeding levels (Intermediate and Advanced levels), after successfully completing the preceding level. The current programme structure is indicated below:

Introductory Level

  • Module 1 – Professional ethics (Compulsory entry to the Programme)
  • Module 2 – Strategic planning of built environment projects
  • Module 3 – Provide early project stage essential advice to clients
  • Module 4 – Management of the tendering process
  • Module 5 – Advanced measurement

Intermediate Level

  • Module 1 – Cost information database management
  • Module 2 – Manage production process of price determination documents
  • Module 3 – Professional practice management
  • Module 4 – Resolving claims, preparing the final account and applying close-out procedures
  • Module 5 – Project service quality management

Advanced Level

  • Module 1 – Manage risk on built environment projects
  • Module 2 – Dispute resolution
  • Module 3 – Life cycle costing
  • Module 4 – Financial feasibility studies
  • Module 5 – Value management

View more details

Interested parties may view greater detail of module content by accessing the site as a Guest. There is no charge for this – Guests are however limited in terms of accessing individual module material.

Should you wish to visit the site as a Guest, simply either use the link provided on the AAQS website, or alternatively type in https://aaqs.moodlecloud.com on your browser.

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Programme Timetable

Details relating to the scheduling of specific modules are provided in the next section titled School Enrolment page. The programmes are arranged to take place over a twelve month period annually, starting mid-January and ending mid-December. Consult the detailed module schedule for details of each individual module.

Module Start Date End Date
Professional Ethics 16th January 2023 24th March 2023
Strategic Planning of BE Project 3rd April 2023 26th May 2023
Provide Early Project Stage Advice 5th June 2023 28th July 2023
Management of Tendering Process 7th August 2023 29th September 2023
Advanced Measurement 9th October 2023 15th December 2023


Module Start Date End Date
Cost Information Data Management 23rd January 2023 24th March 2023
Production Process of Documents 3rd April 2023 26th May 2023
Professional Practice Management 5th June 2023 28th July 2023
Claims, F/A and Close Out 7th August 2023 29th September 2023
Service Quality Management 9th October 2023 8th December 2023

How to register

Fees payable by learners are:

One-off registration fee

US Dollars 6

for each level


Examination fee

US Dollars 10

per module where a learner registers for the certification route

Firstly, e-mail the AAQS Secretariat on admin@aaqs.org, indicating your intention to register on the programme, providing your

  • Full names,
  • Country of origin
  • Telephone
  • e-mail address (which is to be used in future correspondence between the learner and programme administrators)

Registrations will be limited to 50 per Level. Successful applicants will be sent login details once approved, providing them with a username / student number, together with a password which the student is able to personalise after getting access to the learning portal.

Admission to the programme content will be granted once payment of the US$6 registration fee is made via PayPal – the payment process is clearly indicated on the Moodle site – linked to the 1st Module of each Level. A similar arrangement exists for payment of the Examination Fees – the relevant Examination Modules indicating the PayPal fee requirement which should be done by learners prior to detailed certification material being made available to the learner.

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